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Affiliated to Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur

Research Status (Statistics)

Research Articles Published

Published YearAuthorTitleName of The JournalVolume No.Issue No.Month/Date of PublicationISSN / ISBN
2018S.V. RajmanyaExposure of dust pollution and its impact on ambient environment of Solapur city, Maharashtra, IndiaResearch Journey..20182348-7143
2018S.V. RajmanyaControl chart using moving average for process dispersion based on regression estimatorReview of
2018S.V. RajmanyaEWMAD control chart for monitoring process dispersion for normal processResearch DirectionsVol 51220182321-5488
2018S.V. RajmanyaCUSUM control chart for monitoring process variability using Auxiliary variableReview of Research..20182249-894X
2017S.V. RajmanyaMoving control chart for process dispersion based on ratio estimator using auxiliary variableScience Park5820172321-8045
2017S.V. RajmanyaMemory based EWMAD control chart for non-normal processReviews of Literature41120172347-2723
2017S.V. RajmanyaMeasures of central tendencyIndian ThinkerIVIII20172320-6128
2016S.V. RajmanyaControl charts for monitoring process variation using run rulesGlobal DreamsIIX20162279-0632
2016S.V. RajmanyaExponentially weighted moving average control chart for monitoring process dispersion using auxiliary informationCurrent Global reviewer1VIII20162319-8648
2016S.V. RajmanyaGMAX control chart for monitoring variability of bivariate non-normal processVishwabharti1X20160975-9883
2016S.V. RajmanyaA contrl chart for monitoring variability of bivariate processHi-Tech Research AnalysisXI20162278-3881
2015S.V. RajmanyaCUSUM control chart for monitoring process variabilityGolden Research thoughts..20152231-5063
2015S.V. RajmanyaMeasures of DispersionEarth Exploration5120152229-7243
2015S.V. RajmanyaA New chart for monitoring variability of Bivariate processContemporary research in India..20152231-2137
2014S.V. RajmanyaEWMA control chart for monitoring process dispersion using Ratio EstimatorReview of Research4220142249-894X
2014S.V. RajmanyaMoving Average crontrol chart for process dispersionIJERT3720142319-8885
2018Pramod DargopatilNew sampling strategies to reduce the effect of autocorrelation on the synthetic T2 chart to monitor bivariate processQREI..2018.
2017Pramod DargopatilPerformance Analysis of synthetic R chart for Autocorrelated processAssam statistical Review..20170976-4291
2017Pramod DargopatilEffect of Autocorrelation on performance of the S chartIJASS..20170973-1903

Books / E-Books, Chapters in the Books Published

Year of PublicationAuthorCo AuthorTitle of the Book/ChapterISBN
2017P.G.DixitS.V.Rajmanya, P.M.DargopatilDescriptive Staistics I - Nirali Publication978-93-5164-738-6
2017P.G.DixitS.V.Rajmanya, P.M.DargopatilProbability and probability distributions -I - Nirali Publication978-93-86700-00-1
2018S.V.Rajmanya Process variability control procedures - Lulu United states978-0-359-0-1544-3
2018S.V. Rajmanya Statistical Inference Question bank - Lulu United states978-0-359-01543-6
2018S.V. Rajmanya Basic Concepts of Statistics S - Shaurya publication978-81-938137-6-8
2018S.V. Rajmanya  Research with SPSS - Think tank publication978-9-386-04730-4
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