Departmental Home (Economics)

Department of Economics

The department of Economics has been established in 1953, with the inception of Arts and Commerce wing. It was started to cater the needs of students from surrounding urban and rural areas of Solapur District. Primary mission of the department is to provide relevant, up-to-date and integrative educational experiences in Economics. Department strive to prepare students for engagement with local, national and global issues, to instill in students ethical and moral values related to citizenship and community. The Economics undergraduate programme provides a strong foundation in economic theory, research and practical knowledge of applied economic analysis. It also familiarises students with shifts in development paradigms with particular reference to the state of India’s people in pre and post-independence period.

Vision and Mission 

The vision of the department of Economics consists of exploring the economic study and analysis, policy framing and implementation issues faced by the Indian economy along with the analysis of other economies in the world. The department thrives to reach standards of excellence in teaching, research and consultancy. The department of Economics recognizes the growing demand for trained manpower in industry, government, research and other sectors as well as nourishing future researchers and specialists in economics. We try to meet this demand in a committed manner.