IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

Quality assessment of the institute today is done through the external agency called National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Sangameshwar has a rising curve in its first two cycles. The institute is heading for its third cycle. The ranking is very instrumental for the learners while choosing their dream institution. Higher ranking means higher support from the funding agencies for greater academic ambience. The NAAC ranking is the academic status for the institute in its enriched curriculum, standard infrastructure, research facilities, and adequate support services to make learning memorable and meaningful. The coveted A grade is a testimony of quality to any institution.

  • Members List
  • 1 Hon. Shri. D. A. Kadadi Patron (Secretary, S.S.E., Society, Solapur)
    2 Dr. Mrs. S.V. Rajmanya Chairman
    3 Ms. J. J. Kadadi Member (Management Representative)
    4 Mrs. P. S. Chavan Member (Nominee from Local Society)
    5 Shri. S. K. Thakre Member (Industrialist)
    6 Adv. R. G. Mhetras Member (External Expert)
    7 Dr. S. D. Gothe Member
    8 Mr. D. M. Metri Member
    9 Dr. Ms. V. K. Purohit Member
    10 Dr. S. G. Sontakke Member
    11 Dr. P. M. Dargopatil Member
    12 Dr. Mrs. A. V. Diwate Member
    13 Dr. S. S. Maske Member
    14 Dr. D. S. Mhamane Member
    15 Dr. M. S. Kavale Member
    16 Mr. S.S. Patil Member
    17 Dr. V. N. Mulimani Member (Administration-Library)
    18 Dr. R. R. Yelikar (Alumni Representative)
    19 Mr. R.R. Karade Member (Administration-Office)
    20 Ms. V. S. Umbarje Member (IQAC Office)
    21 Mr. Sangameshwar Birajdar Member (Student)
    22 Dr. R. V. Desai IQAC- Coordinator