Shri Sangameshwar Education Society, Solapur
Kannada Linguistic Minority Institute
NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade (III Cycle CGPA 3.39)
Affiliated to Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur


The college provides three year integrated course in the Faculty of Arts, leading to B.A. (Special)

  • B.A. Part I
  • Compulsory Subjects
    • Compulsory English
    • Democracy, Election and Good Governance (For Second Semester)
  • Students can choose one subject each from the following 5 groups:
    • 1] Generic Elective (Select any one subject from this group)
      • Compulsory Marathi (अनिवार्य मराठी)
      • Compulsory Hindi (अनिवार्य हिंदी)
      • Compulsory Kannada (अनिवार्य कन्नड)
      • Science, Technology and Development (विज्ञान, तंत्रज्ञान आणि प्रगती)
    • 2] Discipline Specific Core Course (Group A) (Select any One subject from this group)
      • Optional Marathi (ऐच्छिक मराठी)
      • Optional Hindi (ऐच्छिक हिंदी)
      • Optional Kannada (ऐच्छिक कन्नड)
      • Optional English (ऐच्छिक इंग्लीश)
    • 3] Discipline Specific Core Course (Group B) (Select any One subject from this group)
      • History (इतिहास)
      • Psychology (मानसशास्त्र)
    • 4] Discipline Specific Core Course (Group C) (Select any One subject from this group)
      • Political Science (राज्यशास्त्र)
      • Geography (भूगोल)
    • 5] Discipline Specific Core Course (Group D) (Select any One subject from this group)
      • Economics (अर्थशास्त्र)
      • Sociology (समाजशास्त्र)

  • B.A. Part II
  • Compulsory English
  • Environmental Studies (Compulsory)
  • Any TWO from the four optional subjects offered and cleared at B. A. Part – I
    • I. D. Subject Corresponding Optional Subject
      Public Administration Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology
      Co - operation Economics, Political Science, Sociology
      Ecology Economics, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology
      History of Social Reforms in Maharashtra (1818 - 1950) Political Science, History, Psychology, Sociology, Marathi, Kannada
      Geography of Tourism Geography
      Linguistics English, Hindi
      Industrial Psychology Psychology
      ONE inter disciplinary (ID) subject corresponding to subjects offered from the following.

  • B.A. Part III
  • Compulsory English
  • Any ONE of the subjects offered and cleared at B. A. II - English, Marathi, Hindi, Economics,
    Political Science, Psychology, Geography, Sociology.

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