Research Committee

  • The college has Research Coordination Committee (RCC) to promote, monitor and address the various issues of research in the institution. The composition of RCC is as follows:
  • Dr.B.B.Pujari (Convenor)
  • Dr.D.S.Kamble
  • Dr.M.S.Deshmukh
  • Mrs.S.S.Gavande
  • Mr.S.M.Todkari
  • Dr.D.S.Mhamane
  • Dr.M.A.Bicchal
  • The RCC plays the role of facilitator for the research projects of students as well as teachers. Some of the recommendations given by the committee and its impact are as follows:
  • Recommendation: Dissemination of information about research grants from various funding agencies like UGC, DST and ICSSR for minor and major research projects.
    Impact : Submission of 34 Minor and one Major research projects to UGC and one project to ICSSR.
  • Recommendation: To motivate student and teachers to participate and present research papers in research conventions and to publish articles in reputed research journals.
    Impact : Faculty members have published 127 research papers in national and 110 research papers international journals. 170 research papers are published in peer reviewed journals. Faculties have presented 122 Research papers in research conventions and the research scholars (students) have published 25 research papers in national and international journals.
  • Recommendation: Promoting Interdisciplinary Research
    Impact :One interdisciplinary project was sanctioned by UGC and completed.
  • Recommendation: Selection for Faculty Development Programme
    Impact : One teacher selected for Faculty Improvement programme of UGC.
  • Recommendation: Encourage and guide students to participate in Research Festival ‘Avishkar’ and ‘Anveshan’
    Impact : 102 students participate and won 19 prizes in University level ‘Avishkar’ competition. Two faculties won 3 prizes in ‘Avishkar’. State level prize for one student and two students are selected for west zonal research festival “Anveshan”. One student is selected for the national level research festival “Anveshan”