Departmental Home (Psychology)

  Year of Establishment

Ø  1961   Psychology Introduced B.A. I & B.Sc.I

Ø  1967   Special  Psychology for  B.A. III

Ø  1989   P .G. Expt. Psychology

Ø  1999  P. G. Clinical Psychology

Ø  2017 Research Center

Ø  2017 Certificate Course in Life Skill Development



Ø  To prepare students understand the scientific body of knowledge, disorders, core of clinical skills and therapies, professional standards and ethics, cultural and individual diversity ,emerging and expanding roles for the professional Clinical Psychologist .

Ø  To prepare students utilize existing knowledge and empirical findings in the science of Clinical Psychology for effective professional practice.



Heads of Department

Sr. No                                      Name                                                  Duration

1                                  Mr. Basavraj G Nelivigi                                   1961-1978

                                       M.A. Sec of SSES & Vice Principal


2                                  Mr. Sharad Janai                                             1978-1998

                                       M.A.I/C Principal


3                                  Dr. Anand Shukla                                            1998-2003

                                       M.A. PhD


4                                  Dr. Sunil Sontakke                                           2003- Till Now

                                      M.A. Ph.D DPSP, (HES, Pune)