Departmental Home (Marathi)


Year of Establishment :  1953


   To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.

v  To introduce rich Marathi Literature to the learners.
v  To develop skill of communication in Marathi
v  To develop Research aptitude among the learners
v  Developing interest  to study life through literature
v  To develop values in the human resources.

History of the Department: 
—Former Heads :1. Dr. D.K. Sant   : 1953-1956,

                               2. Dr. Nirmalkumar J. Phadkule   : 1956-1988

                               3. Dr. R.G. Bidkar  : 1988-1996

                              4. Dr. R.G. Hiremath   : 1996-2003

                               5. Dr. M.S. Deshmukh : 2003 -2017

—Alumni :              1. Prof. M.S.Farande, Ex.MLA (MS)

                               2. Prof. Laxman Dhobale, Former Minister, (MS)

                               3. Dr. D.T. Bhosale ( Eminent Writer )

—Dr. Sant has awarded D.litt.
—Dr. Phadkule  has well-known orator in Maharashtra