Minor Research Projects

The faculty members are encouraged by providing the information about the different funding agencies. Internal Quality Assurance Cell and Research Coordination Committee help them to prepare research proposals. After second accreditation during the last four years 30 minor research projects from University Grants Commission were sanctioned out of which 26 are completed and 04 are ongoing. One minor research project sanctioned by Indian Council of Social Science Research is completed.

Total Grants Received for Minor Research Projects during last 4 years
Sr. No. Funding Agency Total Amount Received (in Rupees)
1 University Grants Commission 22,21,915
2 Indian Council of Social Science Research 2,00,000
Total 24,21,995
  1. Dr. A. D. Mashale
  2. Dr. B. B. Pujari
  3. Dr. M. S. Deshmukh
  4. Dr. Mrs. N. N. Chakradeo
  5. Dr. Mrs. U. M. Jamadar
  6. Dr. Ms. V. K. Purohit
  7. Dr. R. V. Anyapanawar
  8. Dr. Y. S. Khan
  9. Mr. D. M. Metri
  10. Mr. M. R. Patil
  11. Mr. M. S. Dhokate
  12. Mr. R. M. Sangshetti
  13. Mr. V. Y. Vitekar
  14. Mrs. S. S. Gavande
  15. Ms. A. U. Rokade
  16. Dr. A. N. Phadkule
  17. Smt. S. A. Gaikwad
  18. Dr. G. N. Chitte
  19. Ms. J. P. Dudhani
  20. R. P. Buwa
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